Closed Session (Invitation Only)
Location: New Millennium Hall, Yonsei University
Time     Program
9:20AM ~ 9:30AM     o Opening
9:30AM ~ 10:10AM     o Session 1: Pre-workshop for 2021 APEC Project
        APEC's Challenges and Future Directions Regarding COVID-19
        -Presenter: Julio Pertuze (APEC DESG Chair, Chile)

        -Discussant: Sang-Soo Yeo (Personal Information Protection Commission, Korea)
10:10AM ~ 11:00AM     o Session 2: Trust Building in COVID-19
        Protecting Public Health and Personal Data Privacy during COVID-19 Pandemic
        -Presenter: Aki Cheung (Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong)

        -Discussant: YongSeok Oh (Korea Internet & Security Agency, Korea)

        Preserving the Personal Information and Building the Trust in COVID-19
        -Presenter: Beomsoo Kim (Yonsei University, Korea)

        -Discussant: Warren Chik (Singapore Management University, Singapore)
11:00AM ~ 11:40AM     o Session 3: Data Governance and Future Issue in APB Forum
        -Presenter: Representative from Asia
11:40AM ~ 11:50AM     o Closing