Public Session
Location: New Millennium Hall, Yonsei University
Time     Program
9:30AM ~ 10:00AM     o Registration and Event Overview
10:00AM ~ 10:50AM     o Keynote 1
        AI for Security: Potential and Reality
        -Presenter: Souhwan Jung (Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptology President, Korea)
10:50AM ~ 11:10AM     o Keynote 2
        How to Prepare for Privacy Challenges in COVID-19
        -Presenter: Pam Dixon (World Privacy Forum, U.S.A)
11:10PM ~ 11:30AM     o Welcome Remarks
11:30AM ~ 1:20PM     o Lunch
1:20PM ~ 2:00PM     o Session 1: Data Governance and Privacy in Asia
        -Moderator: Sungmin Kang (Chung-Ang University, Korea)

        Data Governance and Privacy in South Korea
        -Presenter: Kyoungjin Choi (Gachon University, Korea)

        Privacy Law in Turkey
        -Presenter: Özgün Deniz (Global B Law, Turkey)
2:00PM ~ 2:40PM     o Session 2: Good Practice and Policy for Preserving the Personal Information in COVID-19
        -Moderator: Kwangbae Park (Lee & Ko, Korea)

        Stay-Home Notice and COVID-19 in Singapore
        -Presenter: Zee Kin Yeong (Personal Data Protection Commission, Singapore)

        Self-Quarantine App and Privacy Issues in Korea
        -Presenter: Jong Hyun Park (Ministry of the Interior and Safety, Korea)
2:40PM ~ 3:00PM     o Coffee Break
3:00PM ~ 3:40PM     o Session 3: Public Health and Personal Data Privacy
        -Moderator: Bora Kim (Honam University, Korea)

        Testing, Tracing, Treatment Strategy vs Privacy in ROK
        -Presenter: Tae Hyong Kim (Soon Chun Hyang University, Korea)

        Initiatives of the Personal Information Protection Commission
        -Presenter: Saki Kato (Personal Information Protection Commission, Japan)
3:40PM ~ 4:20PM     o Session 4: AI and Personal Data Privacy
        -Moderator: Yongwan Park (Gyeongsang National University, Korea)

        Development and real-world application of an AI-based decision support platform for COVID-19
        -Presenter: JoonNyung Heo (Armed Forces Medical Command, Ministry of National Defense, Korea)

        Philippine Data Governance and Privacy in the COVID-19 Era
        -Presenter: Jonathan Rudolph (National Privacy Commission, Philippines)
4:20PM ~ 4:30PM     o Closing