Public Session
Location: New Millennium Hall, Yonsei University
Time     Program
9:00AM ~ 9:40AM     o Registration and Lucky Draw
9:40AM ~ 11:40AM     o Keynote Speeches
11:40AM ~ 12:00PM     o Opening: Welcome
12:00PM ~ 1:00PM     o Lunch
1:00PM ~ 1:40PM     o Session 1: Good Privacy and Data Protection Practices in Asia
        Privacy in India: From Fundamental Rights to the Data Economy
        -Presenter: Smitha Krishna Prasad (Centre for Communication, India)
        Data Privacy Act Philippines
        -Presenter: Rejyl B. Siang (National Privacy Commission, Philippines)
1:40PM ~ 2:40PM     o Session 2: International Transference and Protection of Personal Information through the APEC CBPR
        The CBPR’s Progress and its Prospective Plans
        -Presenter: Jaesuk Yun (Korea Internet and Security Agency, Korea)
        The Latest Privacy Legal Development in Taiwan & Its Current Progress in APEC CBPR System
        -Presenter: Duncan Lee (Taiwan Personal Information Protection and Administration, Taiwan)
        APEC CBPR System and Japan
        -Presenter: Junichi Ishii (Personal Information Protection Commission, Japan)
2:40PM ~ 3:00PM     o Coffee Break
3:00PM ~ 3:40PM     o Session 3: New Approaches for Successful Information Security of Asian Corporations in the AI Era
        Privacy Implications for the Use of AI and Strategies to Mitigate Risks- Perspectives from Facebook
        -Presenter: Ouk Heo (Facebook, Korea)
        Personal Data and AI: Building Responsible and Trust
        -Presenter: Sinta Dewi Rosadi (Padjadjaran University, Indonesia)
3:40PM ~ 4:20PM     o Coffee Break
4:20PM ~ 5:00PM     o Session 4: A New Roadmap for Privacy and Personal Data Protection in the AI Era
        - Panel Discussion
5:00PM ~ 5:10PM     o Lucky Draw and Closing