Closed Session (Invitation Only)
Location: Kim Soon-Jeon Hall, Yonsei University
Time     Program
12:00PM ~ 1:30PM     o Lunch
1:30PM ~ 2:00PM     o Session 1: The Personal Information Protection in Korea
        Laws and Programs in Korea Data Protection
        -Presenter: Hyun-joon Kwon (Korea Internet & Security Agency, Korea)
2:00PM ~ 2:40PM     o Session 2: Future Privacy Issues in the Asian Regions
        Kakao Algorithm Ethics
        -Presenter: Daewon Kim (Kakao Corporation)

        Discussions on Problems and Ways to Further International Cooperation
        -Presenter: Beomsoo Kim (Yonsei University, Korea)
        -Presenter: Representatives from Asia
2:40PM ~ 3:00PM     o Coffee Break
3:00PM ~ 3:40PM     o Session 3: The AI Policy for the Future
        AI: A Gigant Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
        -Presenter: Sung-Bae Cho (Yonsei University, Korea)

        The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and its Technical Implementation Trends
        -Presenter: Myuhng-Joo Kim (Seoul Women’s University, Korea)
3:40PM ~ 4:20PM     o Session 4: Improving International Information Request and the Cross-border Information Request/Collaboration (CIR) Toolkit in the AI Era
        Discussions on Improving the Cross-border Information Request/Collaboration Toolkit in the Case of Personal Data Breach
        -Presenter: Representatives from Asia
5:00PM ~     o Reception & Networking Dinner (Invitaion Only)